Structured Cabling

The foundation of every high performance network is built on a solid network infrastructure. Structure Cabling System is the key factor of that infrastructure.

EIS offers a portfolio of precision structured cabling solutions to address your communication demands. Whether you want us to manage simple moves, changes, or design complete solutions and installations, our flexible approach and thorough work practices guarantee successful results.We will help you evaluate, design and install the optimum integrated system that will exceed your future expectations.

Our Structured Cabling Solutions include:

  • Voice and Data
    • Structured wiring (Cat.5E, Cat.6, Cat.6A, Cat.7 & Cat.8) for voice, local area networks, data collection, factory automation, and building connections.
    • Manufacturer warranties for all certified cabling system.
    • 10 GB copper cabling allowing higher speeds and greater bandwidths.

  • Fiber Optics
    • Indoor and outdoor systems using single mode or multimode fiber.
    • Wide variety of fiber optic systems for unique applications.
    • Fiber optic splicing and OTDR testing.

  • Outside Plant
    • Copper and optical trunk cabling.
    • Fiber optic splicing.
    • Trenching and buried cabling.
    • Aerial fiber runs.

In addition, we provide full turnkey services offering network installation for different structure cabling solutions. With our professional trained staff, EIS ensure the installation methods to be fully compliant to your specifications. This guarantees network reliability and longevity of investment.

Wireless Broadband

As wireless broadband networks are increasingly becoming in demands in many areas of the world, EIS offers full turnkey solutions of Pre-WiMAX networks that include initial planning, design, implementation, final testing and commissioning.

EIS specializes in:

  • Point-to-Point Wireless.
  • Point-to-Multi-Point Wireless.
  • Wireless Backhaul.

Security and Surveillance

As we are experts in the art of engineering optimal security and surveillance networks for the specific needs of our customers, EIS will deliver you a design that functions impeccably, dramatically lowers risks, and offers customers exactly what they are looking for.

From small, residential deployments to large, complex infrastructures with thousands of cameras, EIS builds on years of experience in the industry to provide the highest-performing technology and solutions, at the lowest cost. We work with the highest quality IP cameras, most advanced software management tools, and newest storage equipment to provide rapid deployment of high-performance solutions with a high ROI. As always, you can trust EIS to recommend the right products, timely delivery, and customer support that goes above and beyond the competition.

Tools & Equipment

The health of your network depends on the quality of your network infrastructure. This quality begins with complete certification by contractors or systems integrators that the cabling infrastructure was properly installed. Maintaining a reliable cable plant is also essential in protecting your business-critical applications.

EIS provides test and measurement solutions for the complete lifecycle of the network, which includes conformance, installation, optimization and operation to ensure network performance. Using high quality tools and optimum performance electrical and fiber optic testers, such as fusion splicers and Optical Time-Domain Reflectometer (OTDR).

Non-Destructive Testing

Performs the essential tests to locate the indicators and discontinuities that may cause failures or shut downs in industrial systems. Tests are performed in a manner that does not affect the future usefulness of the object or material without the need for deconstruction or damage.

EIS helps you to reduce risk, assure safety, and improve asset performance using conventional and advanced inspection solutions. you will test, measure, and monitor the integrity of pipes, tanks, heat exchangers, boilers, pumps, and structure metals by the most frequently used test methods: Ultrasonic Testing (UT), Eddy Current Testing (ECT) and Visual Testing (VT).

Remote Visual Inspection

Among the many nondestructive techniques available, the easiest to use and the most economical to adopt is RVI. It allows inspectors to discover hidden defects, before they cause major problems. RVI makes it possible for specialists to inspect otherwise difficult to reach areas, such as inside turbine and piston engines, pipes, airframes, tanks, vessels and other voids, including behind walls and into air conditioning ducts.

EIS supply reliable, economical inspection solutions using compact and lightweight videoscopes to achieve high quality inspections at any site, featuring versatile functionality and proven reliability under demanding circumstances. Including, Stereo Measurement technology to measurements defects from various angles with portable designs and simple operations.

X-Ray Fluorescence

X-ray fluorescence (XRF) is a non-destructive analytical technique used to determine the elemental composition at broad application in science and industry. The materials can be in solid, liquid, powder, or other form.

EIS offers new generation of advanced handheld XRF analyzers with a forward looking design incorporating the latest in electronics, components, and software technology to meet the needs of both economically and regulatory-driven businesses, from recycling, mining, and fabrication to environmental assessment and consumer product safety, and to scientific research and education.

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